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    ¤ Product Name : G-Capz
    ¤ Description : G-Capz powered by REV-iN
    ¤ Product Category : Body Conditioning for Energy and Endurance
    ¤ Active Ingredients : D-Ribose, Eleuthero Extract, Viitis Vinifera Extract, NmA
    ¤ Other Info :-
        » No content of animal origin.
        » Safe for children, pregnant and breast-feeding mothers.

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G-Capz Testimony

I am a medical doctor (anesthetist) from Ipoh. I am impressed with the amazing quality of functional ingredients which is found in G-Capz. I’m not as energetic as I used to be. But as I take G-Capz, I realized that the effects were instantaneous and I could do so many (physical) things now. I can even swim faster and longer!

    Dr. Shaidan bin Sulaiman, 52


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